Introducing the Tabbie Blog/Don’t Advertise Here


This is the newly minted Tabbie blog.  Yes, we went there.  Why?  Well because it turns out you learn about the local nightlife scene by talking with merchants and hanging out in bars as a full-time job.  Tabbie boasts a bunch of information about great places to grab a drink, and here on the Tabbie blog you can get actually our thoughts on those places.  It also turns out that you learn a thing or two about starting a business by, you know, actually starting a business.  That means that occasionally our thoughts on our experiences launching and building Tabbie will appear on the blog.  I’ve always loved when I see that a mature company has kept a blog form the early days because it shows me that even the most incredible brands and businesses were at some point based out of a basement or a Starbucks.

In addition to introducing the blog, I want to take part of this first post to stress one point: NO ONE PAYS TO HAVE THEIR BAR OR CLUB REVIEWED ON THE TABBIE BLOG!  Yes, we all like bottle service, car service, and model service (does this exist?).  I like getting a free drink here and there from merchants who are thankful we took the time to talk to them about Tabbie.  However, I will say that the Tabbie blog is not a paid service.  If we go to a spot that we think is interesting, we’ll write about it.  If we attend an event that was either overly hyped or surprisingly enjoyable, we’ll write about it.  If you see it on the Tabbie blog, it is here because the Tabbie team thought it was worth sharing.  No sponsored posts.

If you have thoughts or want me to review your “model service” startup, comment below.

– Cesar

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