Work hazards at the Tabbie office: Part 2

The fine gentlemen working over at Tabbie West have it pretty set when it comes to working environment- the office is literally a mansion.  Over here at Tabbie East we’re still rocking the startup “office,” which is to say any and all locations that we can find to work out of.  Given that most of our work is business development and sales, it’s usually not a problem to be running around New York City taking meetings in bars, restaurants, and clubs or taking conference calls as we rush around Manhattan.

However, sometimes we do need to put in some solid sit-down work in front of a screen, and inevitably the lack of a real office leads to some interesting issues.  A few months ago I wrote about one of many run-ins I had with a drunk customer at one of my favorite Blacksburg work spaces, and New York hasn’t disappointed in taking things to the next level.

For example, Justin and I were slaving away in our local Starbucks down in FiDi, when a homeless man in a wheelchair pulled up next to our table and peed all over the floor.  And I don’t mean that in a “oh maybe he has a medical condition and had an accident” sort of way- he whipped it out and went to town on the VIA display with a grin on his face.  And then he asked us for change.

Needless to say, we gave him no change.  Instead we (and everyone else in this busy Starbucks) proceeded to gather our stuff and get the hell out.  As furious baristas forced him to leave and worked to clean the mess, I couldn’t help but reflect on how shocked I was that this had happened in a Starbucks.  Not because public urination is uncommon in the city, but instead because Starbucks has a public bathroom 5 feet from where this guy did his thing.

My theory?  He was actually a performance artist protesting against the expansion of corporate America and the dominance of chain stores.

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