Bad UI Vol. 2: CVS Self-Checkout

I, for one, love self-checkout. Maybe it’s because I’m the guy that drives to the supermarket for one candybar and hates being stuck behind the lady buying two week’s worth of groceries. I’m a big fan of the machines at WalMart and Harris Teeter. They have a great layout and an easy to follow process that makes it hard to mess up. One I do hate, however, is CVS.


Can you see the problem? All of the other buttons have a grey background that contrasts with the blue background of the screen. Therefore, I begin to associate the color grey with buttons and the color blue with things I can ignore. When I get to the payment screen, however, they make the button to pay with credit a strange shade of  blue (I call it, “i’m an idiot blue”). I’ve used this machine probably 20 times and I STILL sometimes forget where to push for credit.

Go Get ‘Em, Tiger


Aaaaaand we’re back! We’re going to blog more, really. I know the internet has missed my allusion-laden accounts of my glamorous startup life, so I have made a commitment to (and so have the other Tabbie team members) to blog more often. In my triumphant return, I offer a visit to one of my favorite shows on TV: Mad Men. One of the best moments in season 5 was the oddly-fitting chemistry between the aging has-been ad executive (Roger Sterling) and his partner’s tween-age daughter (Sally Draper). At an industry dinner where Roger’s once wide-eyed protege is being honored, Roger’s irrelevance is pronounced. He attends the dinner to try and drum up some new business to prove to the other partners (but mainly to himself) that he still has his mojo. Roger finds his only source of motivation to be a 14 year old Sally Draper. He turns to her and says “Every business card I bring back , you’re going to put in your purse and say ‘Go get ‘emtiger.'”

I loved this moment because it goes to show how hard some encouragement is to find in certain situations. Roger’s ego doesn’t let him go to Don (his protege and Sally’s dad) and admit he fears he isn’t what he used to be. His failure as a husband to his former secretary and the strange father-daughter dynamic they have prevents her from taking on the role of cheerleader we’d expect from a spouse. All he can do to motivate himself is to ask a little girl for a boost. This scene seems like a great way to introduce our latest chapter in the Tabbie saga: incubation.

On June 6, the Tabbie team began the summer accelerator program at TigerLabs. While it has barely been a week since we have been working, I can already say that this experience is going to be incredible. We work 10-12 hours in a beautiful mansion on a project that each and every one of us is passionate about. More importantly, we are constantly surrounded by motivation. Not only are the other entrepreneurs working right next to you trying to achieve the same goal, but you interact with established and successful entrepreneurs on a daily basis who gladly donate their time to talk about your idea. I think I finally get the benefits of a co-working space, an incubator, and mentorship resources. As the summer progresses, I, along with the other Tabbiers, will be bringing you the play-by-play.


Tabbie’s Corner at Tiger Labs 

Pretty nice for a first office, huh? Tiger Labs rented out one of the eating clubs for summer to use as our workspace and, not gonna lie, working out of a newly-renovated mansion is pretty sweet.  The club is, fittingly, called Tiger Inn. I, however, like to call it “Sally”.