The Craziest Special in NYC So Far

Today was my first day out in NYC talking to bars. The awkwardness of talking to strangers has completely worn off and Justin and I had a good time chatting up local merchants and doing the initial leg work on Tabbie NYC. The stereotypically grouchy and mean new yorkers were actually really nice. Turns out the #1 rule of Tabbie still applies, even in NYC: if a person manages/owns/works at a bar, he/she can only be so much of an ass.

While on the streets (does this sound thug? I wanted it to) we walked into a place called Kabin on 2nd ave between 5 and 6th st. The bartender was under the bar cleaning when she told us the specials so when she said “Our happy hour is buy 1 get 1 of anything”, I¬†immediately¬†felt a wave of skepticism akin to the meme below.

Buy 1 get 1 of anything in the bar? I had to have misheard what she said. “Come again?”, I managed to say . She repeated herself. “Wow”, I said, yet I was really thinking “GTFO, STFU, NGAPLZ, etc”. I think I may have found my bar in East Village.