Work hazards at the “Tabbie office”

Like many startups, we end up doing much of our work at the local Starbucks.  However, in our industry it’s just as common to find us doing work at various bars, clubs, and other alcohol-fueled venues.  This may sound glamorous, and it usually is- free drinks from bar owners, happy drunk customers, and party music certainly make things more interesting.  On the other hand, we do have to deal with some unique workplace distractions.  For example, I’m currently hard at work updating our NOVA data at the She Sha Hookah Bar in Blacksburg- while enjoying some Lemon Mint hookah and Brooklyn Lager, of course.  I recently had the… um, “pleasure” of meeting Mike:

Sup, brah?

Who is Mike?  That’s a great question.  Mike is blackout drunk at the moment, and took it upon himself to come sit with me and start smoking my hookah.  I’ve never met this guy in my life, but out of curiosity I decided to ask my new friend about himself-

Will: Hi, do I know you?

Mike: I’m Mike

Will: Um…. how’s it going Mike?

Mike: Great!

Will: So, where are your friends Mike?

Mike: You’re my friend bro.

Will: Alright then.  What’s your major, my friend?

Mike: Love.

And that’s all I was able to get out of him.  He wandered off to crash a few other conversations, and then came back.  And then wandered off again.  Then came back and tried to drink my beer.  I might have been bothered by my new drunk friend, but at this point random drunk people are a pretty common sighting at any Tabbie office.  Just another day working in the nightlife technology industry.

Here’s to you, Drunk Mike!  I hope you don’t pass out in a ditch somewhere.