Bad UI Vol. 2: CVS Self-Checkout

I, for one, love self-checkout. Maybe it’s because I’m the guy that drives to the supermarket for one candybar and hates being stuck behind the lady buying two week’s worth of groceries. I’m a big fan of the machines at WalMart and Harris Teeter. They have a great layout and an easy to follow process that makes it hard to mess up. One I do hate, however, is CVS.


Can you see the problem? All of the other buttons have a grey background that contrasts with the blue background of the screen. Therefore, I begin to associate the color grey with buttons and the color blue with things I can ignore. When I get to the payment screen, however, they make the button to pay with credit a strange shade of ¬†blue (I call it, “i’m an idiot blue”). I’ve used this machine probably 20 times and I STILL sometimes forget where to push for credit.